Kool-Aid Refrigerator Pie

A while back I had come across this recipe for a Kool-Aid Refrigerator Pie, I had been looking for easy to do recipes that munchkin and I could do together.  Since I was starting potty training today I decided this could be a fun activity we could do while working on this new skill.  I Read More

What are Confused Chip Cookies? ~ Cookie Recipe

So I don’t do a lot of baking but I do enjoy making my favorite cookie recipe.  Now when I bake I like to do it “old school”.  So I don’t use electric mixers or anything like that.  I do all my mixing by hand.  My signature item to bake are Confused Chip Cookies.  You Read More

Learning to Live with a Toddler

Life with a toddler is nothing like life with a newborn.  You spend more time wondering if your child is hitting all their milestones.  You start comparing your child’s development to kids the same age.  Get concerned they are not doing things fast enough, should you be getting help, are they eating enough. With Ashlyn Read More