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What is the Secret Treehouse?

The Secret Treehouse is my comfy, cozy community area on Facebook and now a place for me to share about my life and maybe hear from others about their own.  I am an average mom to an elementary munchkin and this is a safe space to open up and connect with other ladies who may have had or are having similar experiences.  So, feel free to come in, make yourself your favorite hot drink ... mine is Hot Chocolate ... grab a sweet treat, find a cozy seat and settle in and take some you time.

BTW there are coloring books, crayons and coloring pencils in the corner so feel free to grab something and let your inner child out.

Just your average mom

This is just a place for me to talk about what I might have learned about being a mom, what new discoveries my munchkin comes up with, things I have learned with an ADHD munchkin and other general fun things. I work full time as an administrative assistant for the special schools department with our local school district and work 2 side businesses for fun (Usborne Books & More and Tupperware).  It is part of who I am, so I won't pretend it does not come into my life.  I hope you will enjoy and maybe connect with me as a fellow average mom.

To be honest, you will not find any of my activities pinned on Pinterest other than maybe my own board because I am not that great at them, I don't do fancy/fun things with food and I am often found in yoga pants or leggings around the house with my hair up in my version of a mom bun.  I created this blog to connect with other average moms who are out there just trying to be the best mom they know how to be ... and honestly that is enough.


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Pick Your Goodies

Do any of these look good?  Great make yourself a drink, get a snack and find a comfy seat.  While here pop into my blog and learn about me and maybe share about yourself.

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