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11 things your toddler won't do11 Thing’s that Won’t Happen in Toddler Lives

So you can find many blogs and articles written about toddlers.  I wanted to talk about 11 things that WON’T happen in toddler lives.   Comment below what is something that does not happen with YOUR toddler.     Read More 



Working Mom Taboos you Should Break7 working mom taboos you should break

While being a working mom is becoming more acceptable there are some working mom taboos you should break.  Unfortunately in this day of social media there is a lot of mom shaming going on and it occurs to someone no matter what they are doing.  You have a right to work if you want, and if you are going to work you might as well do it with style and be yourself.  Here are 7 working mom taboos for you to break.     Read More 


How to Prepare for an Emergency with a Kidemergency kit for kids, kids emergency kit, emergency kit

How to prepare for an emergency?  Figuring out what your essentials are and start planning.  There are additional things to think about when you have kids.  In 2016 when all the storms hit we really looked and realized that we did not have supplies for an emergency like that.  Also in our town we had some bad fires in apartment buildings and people were jumping to get out.  They were also having to throw kids out windows to safety.  We realized that although there are 2 exits on our floor if we were stuck we were not prepared.  I wanted to share with you some of the preparations we have done.     Read More


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