Creating a Monthly Subscription Club

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So something that many consultants are starting to do is run their own monthly subscription options in their group.  You may be asking why would I want to do this, it can be a nice semi-passive income, these are usually your best customers, you can give them great deals and first dibs on new releases.  I wanted to share how I do mine to help give you ideas of how you can run one of your own.  Now there are many variations and you need to run it the way the best works for you.  You can change options, pricing, rewards all that stuff to best suit you.  I personally offer 3 options which all include shipping & tax (if applicable):

1 set for $15

2 sets for $25

4 sets for $40

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Getting Started

So first you will need on hand inventory for this to work best.  Now there are a couple of ways to go about choosing nails.  Some ladies get those signing up to send general likes and dislikes and send them nails from that info.  I created and have the ladies fill out a survey with a wish list and I pick styles from there.  When the Spring line came around I had them send me 7-10 of those that they were interested in.

I do make sure that when the list of retiring sets comes out I try to get as many as I can from my ladies wish list.  This way in a few months when they are no longer available I can surprise them with one. I use party rewards to help me stock up and of course making sure I never order without doing the B3G1.

For extras to send out with their nail boxes you want to find inexpensive items that are still fun.  You can hit up local dollar stores; the Target $1, $2, $3 section; Amazon or supply groups on Facebook.  There are a lot of fun options out there to help make your subscriptions worth it for your customers.  I have glass nail files, cuticle oil pens, nail clips, facial masks, nail brushes, manicure sets and I want to get like mini lotions.  You can send items that are seasonal like small ornament for Christmas, you can usually find like little pads of paper in seasonal designs or anything like that.  You don’t have to send only items that are related to nails.

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Some examples of items I have to send out

  • – Hydrating mask
  • – Manicure set
  • – Cuticle oil pen
  • – Fun chapstick
  • – Mini Glass nail file
  • – Stress ball
  • – Glass nail file
  • – Nail clips (will also be including pads to go with them)
  • – Nail brush
  • – Polish remover pads


Learn about where to get additional supplies for your business (Amazon options and supply group suggestions)


Making your Monthly Subscription Special

You want to find ways to connect with your customer and make their subscription special.  Some will let their customers pick which specific nails they get each month, I make it a surprise and just pick from their wish list.  I created a spread sheet that I keep track of stuff on.  I personally sort the styles alphabetically for each customer.  This helps me keep organized and I can see everything at a glance.  In my follow up system I keep track of what goodies I have sent them so that I can try to send them different goodies.  Obviously some things are ok to get duplicates of but a customer probably does not want 5 glass nail files … hehe.

I also throw some candy into each package, a couple of sets of accent nails and a hand written note.  I picked a colored envelope so that when this happy mail arrives the customer knows it, kind of like when you see an Amazon box you get happy because you know something good is in it.  For March I had also sent a couple of Mardi Gras necklaces to go with their goodies.  When I was starting this up I offered the first 10 ladies who signed up an extra set of nails for their first month.

I will invoice them $15, $25 or $40 (depending on their plan) on the first of the month, they have until the 5th to pay their invoice to be eligible for that month’s membership. Membership includes 1, 2 or 4 sets of strips (depending on their plan) from their wishlist and a bonus surprise from me. Shipping is included in the membership price, if they participate for 5 months straight they will get a free strip included with their 6th month.  Offering an incentive for participating monthly can help but is fully up to you.  Because I invoice each month, if they don’t want to participate for a month they just don’t have to pay.  Both PayPal and Square can send out both normal invoices and reoccurring invoices.  Reoccurring is great because you don’t have to remember to send them out, they do it for you.

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Other Ideas I have Seen for Monthly Subscriptions

Here are a few other ideas I have seen floating around:

– Letting them pick which sets they get each month

– Free set for their birthday month (most require at least 3 months participation to be eligible)

– 10% off on other orders

– Charge like $3 shipping

– A coupon for a discount on a future purchase


So you have many options for shipping.  Since one of my colors is teal I use teal envelopes to send out my packages.  Some ladies use the small flat rate boxes ($7.50 or $7.90 if done at a post office per website), others will use padded envelopes or I just use regular poly mailers (usually don’t pay over $4 for shipping out, have hit $4.06).  If you do padded envelopes or poly mailers make it something fun and that fits you and your branding.  You want them to see it and smile because they know something good is inside.

Monthly nail boxes are a great way to connect with your customers and set yourself apart from other stylists.  When you connect and they feel appreciated then they are more likely to stay with you even when they meet other stylists.  These boxes can be run anyway you like and you can set up the guidelines for what works for you.





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