Working Mom Taboos you Should Break

7 working mom taboos you should break

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While being a working mom is becoming more acceptable there are some working mom taboos you should break.  Unfortunately in this day of social media there is a lot of mom shaming going on and it occurs to someone no matter what they are doing.  You have a right to work if you want, and if you are going to work you might as well do it with style and be yourself.  Here are 7 working mom taboos for you to break.

  1. Making more money than you partner
  2. Dads are dads not babysitters
  3. Don’t be ashamed of your success
  4. Know your rights in regards to breastfeeding
  5. Don’t neglect your health
  6. Doing all the housework
  7. Caring for a sick child


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Taboo 1: Making More Money Than Your Partner

Yup even though we have come a long way from where we were many years ago it is still taboo for a woman to make more than her partner.  Maybe you are the sole breadwinner in the house or maybe you just make more than your partner … either way it is OK.  You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone, you do what works for your family and be proud of the money you earned, remember YOU work hard for that money.

Taboo 2: Dads are Dads not Babysitters

Be careful that you don’t refer to dad as a babysitter either.  This is one that we as a society need to change but it has to start with each of us.  I have struggled with this one but I am getting better.  When someone asks who is watching the kids and we say dad they tend to respond that dad is babysitting.  NO they are not, they are being a dad and watching their child.  They are a parent not babysitter, yes they will do things differently and many are not as comfortable but they deserve to be acknowledge as a full time parent not a part time parent.  When you are a working mom outside of the home this may come up so help your husband out and say no they are not babysitting they are being a dad.

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Taboo 3: Don’t be Ashamed of Your Successes

Did you get a promotion at work?  Maybe you landed a big account or maybe you took the lead on a project that was a huge success.  Shout it from the roof top, be proud of that because you worked hard for it.  Don’t down play it or hide it.  Celebrate just as you would if anyone else in your family succeeded at work or in life.  You deserve to be acknowledged for your hard work.

Taboo 4: Know Your Rights in Regards to Breastfeeding

The laws very from state to state but you need to know what they are.  Check with your company to see what their policies are and what they already have in place.  Depending on the size they may be required to provide you a private place to pump/breastfeed and required to provide you time to do so.  Don’t be afraid to talk to your bosses about this with them.  If they seem hesitant let them know there is a lot of research out there that shows that by providing these accommodations means a more productive worker.  Check out this great article by Kelly Mom: Your Rights as a Breastfeeding Employee

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Taboo 5: Don’t Neglect Your Health

Make sure you take care of yourself.  Many working mothers feel obligated to push through when they are not feeling well.  The problem is this can lower your productivity and your illness will last longer.  You need to take care of your health at all times.  I know you don’t want to feel like you are letting your job down by taking a sick day but honestly you will be a better employee for taking the time off.


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Taboo 6: Doing All the Housework

It is ok to request your husband help out around the house, you do not have to do it all.  You do not have to work, take care of the children and do all the housework.  Working moms do not have to pretend to be supper mom, you are human and have human limitations and that includes how much you can honestly get done in a 24 hour period without cutting corners somewhere.

Taboo 7: Caring for a Sick Child

I know it can seem easier for you to just take off when you have a sick child but that is one thing that contributes to the hesitancy of companies when it comes to working moms.  Alternate with your partner, let them take a few days off to care for your sick child.

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You don’t need my permission or anyone’s to do what you feel is best for your family and yourself when it comes to you being a working mom.  Eventually these things will not be issues but until that is the case these are some of the working mom taboos you should break.  Remember BE AWESOME, BE YOU!





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