Top Five Tips for your Tupperware

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So you just got some Tupperware and you want to make sure you take care of it so it will last.  I know Tupperware is an investment and you want that investment to last.  There are many ideas and I could probably write a book if I wrote them all down but, here are my top five tips for your Tupperware:

Store with the seal OFF

Yup you read that right, I know that you may be thinking “but then I might loose the seal” but really there is a reason for this madness.  Your Tupperware needs to breath, so you don’t want to store your containers with the seals on.  Air gets stale and if the seal is on this can create a smell inside your container you don’t want.

Use a soft sponge to clean

Some people don’t realize but your sponge has two sides and they do for a reason.  You always want to use the soft side when cleaning your Tupperware if you are washing by hand.  The reason is that the other side can actually scratch your Tupperware and that can create staining or smells so don’t use anything but a soft sponge or rag.

Make sure to “marry” your seal and container

While the seal is designed to be snug to maintain freshness.  Occasionally you will find a seal that is nearly impossible to fit onto its bowl.

Step 1: Wash the bowl and seal in the dishwasher or soak in a sink of very hot water for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Remove the bowl and seal from the dishwasher or sink and place the seal on the bowl. The heat will cause the seal to be more flexible and the seal will custom form itself to the bowl. You can now pronounce them married.

Step 3: Allow the bowl, with the seal on, to rest until cool.

how to marry tupperware seals

Use non-stick spray in your container to prevent staining

Tupperware is designed to reduce the chance of staining when using it with fun stuff like spaghetti sauce.  We all know it can still happen.  By using a small amount of non-stick spray you are creating a barrier between the stain causing sauce and your container.  You can also use a light coating of vegetable oil.

To remove smells wash with some real lime or lemon juice to get fresh fragrance

My last of the five tips for your Tupperware  is this: maybe your kid uses one of your Tupperware containers to put some concoction they created in it and shoves it in the fridge.  You know nothing about this but find said concoction a month later …. when you open it up you wish you hadn’t.  Use some real lime or lemon juice to wash that container and help remove the smell.

As I said these are just five of my top tips for your Tupperware to get you started on taking care of it correctly right off the bat.





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