Why Glass Nail Files are Better

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Maybe you have seen glass nail files and wondered if they are really worth the price and really were better than other nail files.  The short answer is YES!

Regular nail files can actually damage your nails, especially ones that have too low of a grit.  Also you have to file in one direction to do the least amount of damage.  Eventually these files will wear down and are harder to keep clean.


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Glass/crystal nail files can actually help your nails by sealing the edges of keratin together.  With glass nail files you can file both directions and won’t damage the nail.  If properly cared for these files can last for years if not forever, you can easily clean them and bacteria can’t grow or get trapped.  You can wash them with dish soap and water, for best care you want to keep your glass file in its plastic case.

Glass files are an investment, they make mini ones that make keeping one in your purse or bag really easy.  So if you have one or can get one make the investment.  This is one reason why I like to use them as incentives in my Facebook group, I want to get these great tools into the hands of my customers and group members.





Glass Nail Files


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