Toddler Carry-on Checklist

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Here my checklist for my toddler’s carry-on bag to give you an idea of what to include.


If you don’t already have one you might consider a backpack diaper bag (such as this Fisher Price Backpack Diaper Bag) for this trip.  This way you can put it on your back and have one less thing to accidentally drop when wrangling your toddler.

Diaper items:

  • Diapers – figure out how many diapers you go through in a day and then pack a couple extra.  Only put what you will need for flying and getting to your lodging in your diaper bag.
  • Diaper wipes – just take a travel pack with you (many diaper bag backpacks have a place for wipes on the outside which is great), as a mom you know wipes have many uses.
  • Diaper cream – if your child currently has or is prone to diaper rash take a tube of cream in your carry on (depending on the brand some have travel sizes)


Even if your child is usually good about not having accidents or making messes you want to take extra.  You know the time you forget will be the time it happens 🙂

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear if your child is potty trained

I packed one extra per plane trip.  So, if we are taking two planes one way I would pack two of everything.

Comfort & Activity Items:

Especially if your child has never flown so you don’t know how they will react make sure you take a comfort item or two.  Also make sure you have activities for your child for on the plane and in the airport.

  • Favorite stuffed animal – for us it was Reggie the fox
  • Favorite blanket – just like babies are comforted by familiar smells, same idea can help your toddler here
  • Small toys – so here you can do a couple of things.  One, find small toys around the house that they have not played with for a while.  Two, go hit up the dollar store or the $1, $3, $5 section at Target if you have one.  Separate these little toys into a few different Ziploc baggies so when your toddler starts to get fussy you can pull out a bag and let them have it.
  • Books or activity cards – books and activity cards can be small and light weight so are easy to just shove in the bag.  I have included a link to a post specifically talking about great types of books for traveling.
  • Easy to do activities like Melissa & Doug Water Wow! just a little bit of water in the brush and you are good to go.  Not only is it easy, they are reusable so once they dry your little one can paint them all over again.  If you have a window seat some fun window clings for them to play with there are many options out there like Under the Sea Ocean by Incredible Gel and Window Clings for Kids and Toddlers
  • Snacks – take a few simple, low mess snacks.  Divide them into small portions and place in fun snack bags if possible to make them fun.
  • Tablet – if you are not allowing electronics for your toddler that is fine, that is why I listed this last.  If you are ok with electronics make sure you have a couple of movies downloaded and some games.  We got Ashlyn a Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8″ HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case.  This has been a great purchase, easy for her to navigate and lots of parent options.  Make sure you have a charging cord and plug, many airplanes have charging ports on the seats so you can charge in flight if needed.   Also make sure to pack some kid friendly headphones (like Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones) for them to use.  If they are not used to headphones let them practice/play with them before you fly.  We got ones that folded up so took up less room.
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