Traveling During the Summer and Surviving

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Yaaaa school is out … said very few parents 🙂 For many families summer means vacation and vacation means traveling.  Now coming along to help with the kids is not an option … however if you want to fly me in … LOL, but what I can do is offer some tips to make traveling a little easier.

Traveling Tips

  • Step 1: bring snacks
  • Step 2: consider bringing a tablet for games and movies
  • Step 3: pack more snacks
  • Step 4: pack small activities to keep them occupied
  • Step 5: pack a few more snacks
  • Step 6: if you are driving plan pit stops to allow legs to stretch and run

So, I want to help you with Step 4: pack small activities to keep them occupied.  Last thing you want is the battery to be dead or they get bored and you have nothing up your sleeve.  One idea is to pack small toys that they can pick from when needed.  If you are not flying wrap the toys in wrapping paper so it is a surprise.  Plus, everything seems more fun when you get to unwrap it 🙂 You can even wrap older toys that they have not played with in forever and forgot about and they will be excited.  Another option is activity books that are easy to throw into carry-on luggage or activity bags in the car.  Here are some of my favorite for travel:

Wipe-Clean Cards & Books:

We have many options for wipe-clean products, they are nice because they are reusable.  I want to share 3 types of wipe-clean products.  First ones I wanted to share are our wipe-clean cards ($9.99) these are nice because you get 30-50 cards in each box and a pen.  We have activity cards and doodle cards, so you can mix and match to allow variety.

Here are a couple of my favorite tips for our cards:

  1. punch a hole in the top corner of the card.  Then put them on a binder ring or key ring.  This lets you break up the pack into a manageable size.   As a bonus – they don’t get all over the place while traveling
  2. if you don’t want to use a dry erase pen or don’t have one try using cheap crayons instead.  The kids can pick a color and make it more fun.  Check out this video about these hints.

traveling tip

Second I wanted to mention our wipe-clean books ($7.99), we have activity books, maze books, dinosaur activities, letters, numbers and many more topics available.

The third item is our wipe-clean activity packs ($19.99), these packs include 4 mini wipe clean books and have their own carrying case so which make them perfect to take with you when you go out to eat.

Activity Books & Pads:

Next great option I wanted to share is our activity books & pads that are great for on the go. First up is the books, we have all types of activity books (most under $10) – outdoor activities, paper airplanes (have a paper airplane contest in your hotel room), magic paint books (water + paint brush = fun), drawing books, puzzle books, and many more.

Next are the pads, these are just small pads that have activities and fun things to do while traveling and fit great into carry-on luggage or activity bags during car rides.  We have trivia, mental activities like secret codes and logic puzzles, 100 Things to Do on a Plane and 100 Things to Do on a Car Trip just for a few examples.

Last are our packs ($14.99 – $19.99), just like the wipe-clean packs these are 4 mini activity books in a nice carrying case so makes them really easy to take on the go, for example we have a Rainy Day Activity Pack and a Sticker Dolly Dressing Activity Pack.

Sticker Books:

Want a way to keep them busy for hours while traveling?  Sticker books are the answer, this is a great activity to pack as a backup to a rainy day.  The sticker books are good for kids ages 4+, for younger kids our First Sticker Books ($6.99) are great.  If you have older kids check out our Build You Own sticker books ($8.99), or Sticker Dressing ($8.99 – $9.99), or Sticker Dolly Dressing (starting at $8.99).  Does your kid like robots,fairies, animals, princesses or trucks?  We have you covered. Right now my 2.5 year old daughter is into trains so likes this First Sticker Book Trains.

Things to Spot Books:

Our Things to Spot books are great for helping to increase vocabulary and observation skills.  For your toddlers & preschoolers we have our Very First Things to Spot ($11.99).  The pages are laminated so they will stand up to toddlers.  There is one for while you are out, and about which would be great for trips.  If your child is in elementary school check out our 1001 Things to Spot ($9.99), including 1001 Things to Spot on Vacation – how long do you think it will take your child to find 1001 things?  This would be a great way to keep them occupied while on vacation.

I hope these suggestions will help you feel a little more prepared for traveling with your kids this summer.  You can breathe easier knowing they are busy and these options can help prevent the Summer Slide.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message.  Have a GREAT Summer Trip this year 🙂



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