How to have a Successful Usborne Books & More Gathering

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Do you love quality books and have found Usborne and Kane Miller books and now you have decided to earn Free books for the readers in your life.  If you have not already booked a gathering you can do that HERE.

Now, what can you do to be a successful hostess so you can earn all those free and half priced books?  Here are some tips that I have found to be the key to a successful gathering.

Send Personal Messages

The most important piece of advice I can give you is to send a personal message and chat with your friends.  Personally invite them and let them know why you love these books so much.  It does not matter if you are inviting 20 people or 50 remember good friends ~ DO NOT MASS INVITE!!!  If you are doing your gathering online DO NOT just add people to your event that is not nice.  Personalized messages are the best way to get people excited about your gathering!  Let them know why you think they will love these books as much as you, they will want to join the fun when they see your passion.

*** If you are holding an in home gathering you want to invite your guests three times:

By mail: Mail your invitations so your guests receive them one week before the show.

By phone: A couple of days before the date of the party call your friends to remind them of the gathering and urge them to bring their friends – if it is ok by you to bring guests.

By text or Facebook: Reach out and remind them the day of the show.

Be Excited

People are there because they have a connection with you, be excited about what is being presented, help match them to a book that is shown you know they will love.  The more excited you are – the more excited your friends will be – the more books you will earn.  Bring the energy and your party will be a blast!

Invite Everyone you can think of

No matter how close you are to someone, if they have a kid in their life make sure to send them an invite ~ if doing an online gathering.  Talk with them about why you love these books and what some of your favorites are and how you thought about them.  The more people you can reach out to, the more that may join you at your gathering,  and the more books we can get in hands of the kids in your life.  If you are doing an in home gathering think about local people that you are comfortable having in your home (think about dance class, teams, church, playgroups, etc).  For those you may not feel comfortable having in your home consider sharing the shopping link or taking a catalog to them to have them place orders.


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Follow the Lead of your Consultant

Your consultant will give you all the information you need to have a successful gathering.  They may ask you to do a few tasks before the gathering, they are just trying to help you have the most successful gathering possible.  They will help you get your friends excited about the party.  For an online gathering you want to be sure you are engaging with the posts your consultant posts in your event/group and encouraging your friends to engage.  The more of your friends that are included/engaged in the gathering the more likely they are to shop and get books for their kids.

Outside Orders

Orders taken outside the in home gathering or online gathering count just as much as those taken during the actual gathering. Try for a total of 15 orders, 10 orders at the in person/online gathering and 5 outside orders would ensure this. The higher the sales, the more Hostess credit you receive!  Some consultants will offer a bonus if you get outside orders before the actual gathering so check with yours.


The better the attendance at the gathering, the better your chances are of getting 3 bookings. Try to obtain at least 1 booking before your show and remember… to get the most out of your hostess rewards you will need at least 1 booking from your gathering (in home or online).  Especially if you enjoy your gathering your friends are more likely to book with encouragement from you.

Hosting an Usborne Books & More (UBAM) gathering (in home or online) is a lot of fun and really easy!

Your excitement + your friends = a fun, successful gathering


Make sure to get your gathering BOOKED today!







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