Sick Toddler

sick toddler

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Finding out you have a sick toddler is hard.  We got lucky when Ashlyn was a baby, she never got sick.  When she started cutting teeth we would have an occasional rough night or two but never really sick.  In the last year she finally actually got sick 🙁 This was rough on all of us.

Surprise! Sick Toddler

One day after lunch munchkin and I were cuddling, she started coughing really hard.  Next thing I knew my hands were filled with vomit 🙁 Got to say never realized that was a real thing.  I made myself stay calm, while telling my stomach to hush.  Got her and myself cleaned up, you could see it in her face she did not feel good.  I felt so bad, she was running a slight fever on top of her tummy not feeling good.  For some reason after I cleaned up I thought it would be a good idea to keep a towel nearby.  It was a good thought, it made clean up the next time a lot easier.  Munchkin spent the rest of the day in just her diaper to help her stay as cool as possible.  We did not want to do Tylenol unless it got really bad.

sick toddler

Bed Time

Bed time came around and we did give her some Tylenol to help her sleep.   We talked about if we wanted to try letting her sleep in her own crib or have her join us.  We decided that because we were not sure if she would get sick again we would all sleep better together.  So we set up a space between us and put a couple towels under her just in case.  Good thing we did because she got sick once during the night 🙁 It was a tight fit but all things considered, it was the best option for us.

She spent a couple days with us to be sure and let her get better.  Having her in bed with us made me and my husband feel better and could cuddle with her if she got restless.  We made sure to not let her overheat.  We just thought of it as practice for when she gets older and crawls in with us. 🙂

Sick Days

Ashlyn was sick for a few days.  We did our best to keep her hydrated.  She always had a full cup of water and we kept a cup with Pedialyte filled most of the day.  We found Pedialyte Electrolyte Powder Assorted Flavors Variety Pack, 0.3 oz Powder Packets, 24 Count, which made it easy to let her have some variety.  In addition we also had Pedialyte Freezer Pops – Assorted Flavors – 2.1 oz – 16 ct on hand as a treat.  We did our best to keep to mushy foods during this time.  Fruit and Veggie pouches were mainly what we used for a few days till she started getting her appetite back.  After a couple of days we knew she was feeling better because she would have short bursts of energy to play.  She did a lot of sleeping which we encouraged.

I was “happy” this happened when I had a few days off because I would not have wanted to leave her at the beginning of this.  By the time I did have to go back to work she was feeling better so I was ok leaving her with my mom.  I made sure mom had a couple towels nearby just in case.  Mom made sure she got lots of cuddles while I was at work.  Luckily after the first 48 hours she had no other bouts of being sick.

On the Mend

I was so happy as she was getting better.  After a few nights we put her back into her crib.  I was still a bit worried but she did fine.  I did check on her a couple times a night for a few more days.  With her being my rainbow baby I get nervous about things.  It is things like this though that make me glad she is still in her crib.  We decided that until she starts climbing out and she continues to sleep so well we will leave her in her crib.  Once we are ready for a toddler bed it will be easy because my mom got her a convertible crib that will go from crib all the way up to a twin size bed.  So we won’t have to worry about buying a new bed.

When Ashlyn was sick I felt so helpless.  There was not a lot I could do.  I could only hold her and help keep her comfortable.  I know this is enough, but it does not seem like it.  Feeling helpless when your little one is sick is one of the worst feelings you can have.

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