Creating a Sample Packet

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So as an Independent Stylist one things we need to do is hand out samples of our nail strips so people can try them to see how much they love them and how easy they are.  There are many ways to create a sample packet and I wanted to share how I make mine and some examples of others to give you ideas.

sample packet

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What Goes in my Sample Packet:

So what you see here is what I include in my sample/accent packets that I hand out to people who want to try Color Street.  What I use is a sample envelope, my business card with instructions on the back, a nail file, 1 alcohol prep pad, an accent set of nails and put it all in a nice gift type bag to make it look like a present.

additional supplies, samplesSelf-adhesive Gift Food Packing Bags Small

I love these because they are the perfect size for my packets and they make it look like I am giving them a nice present … which I am 🙂





additional supplies. samplesBeauty Care Nail Buffering Files

These are nice and bright and they are a great size.  They are not too big but not too small either.  I love that the colors pop.



sample envelopes

Sample Envelopes

These are made by a lady named Toni on Facebook.  She makes these small ones which are great for sample/accent nails.  They fit great and make them look fun.  She does holiday themed ones during specific seasons, year round she does solids and fun prints.  She also makes large ones to fit our full sets (she will be making ones to fit the new packaging) which are great for sending out sets from your personal inventory or to give to customers if they are buying a gift for someone.





Avery Square Labels

The square labels are what I use to print the information on the front.  The size is great and easy to do at home.







Avery Return Address Labels

These little labels I use on the back of my packaging.  I include my website and the style I gave them.  Part of this is because you can’t always read the writing on the back of the accent nails so this way they know what style they got.  Also since I can not see the style once packaged this helps me to know what I am handing out.



Learn about where to get additional supplies for your business


This is a completed sample/accent nail packet that I can hand out.  As you see it looks fun and still small enough to carry a few around with me everywhere I go.  When I mail them out I put them in a hand written thank you card.  The more personal touches I hope help make a better connection.







I did the math and my sample packet costs about $0.764 each (not including shipping which is usually just one forever stamp, or ink to print my labels).  As you can see you can have a sample packet to send out that looks like it costs a lot but really does not.  Finding great deals can make a huge difference.

Twosies – $0.38

Business Cards – $0.16

Package bags – $0.03

Nail files – $0.05

Holder – $0.10

Square Labels – $0.04

Return Address Labels – $0.004

Many ladies use something like these Glue Dots Removable Dots to adhere the samples/accent nails to the cards.  Check out this blog about where to get additional supplies for some of the other packaging options some ladies use.

Other Examples of Sample Packets:

Here are some examples of other stylists packets to help give you inspiration, the biggest thing you can see is that there is not a right or wrong way to do this.  Some ladies go all out and others keep it really simple.  Do something that shows YOUR personality.  I hope this article has helped give you some ideas.










































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