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Have you tried Color Street nail strips but found they did not hold up as well as everyone claims?  Maybe they started coming off the next day or they would not even really stick in the first place.  Well let me share some Color Street Troubleshooting suggestions to try, also please don’t hesitate to ask your stylist for help.  You can also ask your stylist if they will send you a couple sample twosies to practice with.

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Quick guide to applying your Color Street nail strips

apply color street, color street application

Troubleshooting Tips:

Nail strips won’t stick to my nail

~ Make sure the strips are at room temperature: too cold and they will be stiff and won’t stick properly, too warm and they could rip

~ You may have oily nail beds: wash your hands with dawn dish soap before applying, making sure to focus on your nails

~ Nails are a little wet: maybe you just got out of the shower or doing dishes, wait 30-60 min before trying to apply strips.  When your nails are in water they retain the water and expand and as they dry they shrink again which can cause the strips to not stick.

* Also do not take a shower or do dishes for at least 30 min

~ You may have recently used lotion, sunscreen, bug spray or cuticle oil: wash your hands with dawn dish soap before applying, making sure to focus on your nails

~ Applied a top coat: wait about 15 min before applying a top coat if you choose to do that.  You want to let the strips cure/dry before applying a top coat.

~ Opened the strips and then got pulled away: these are 100% nail polish so they will dry out if left out.  You can try warming them back up but that only works occasionally.

~ Coming up around the edges: make sure you push your cuticles back with a plastic pusher (do not cut your cuticles that can open your finger up to infections), use the cuticle pusher around the edges to make sure they are pushed down completely

~ May need to look into your health or medication.  Some people have reported that once they started taking a new medication the nail strips would no longer stick.

~ Buff your nails so that the strip has a better chance of gripping to your nail

~ Your hands are cold:  this is especially true with people who have poor circulation, the nails might not stick if you have cold hands, so warm them up before trying to apply.  You can try gloves, sitting on your hands, something like a warm rice bag or even a heating pad.

apply color street, color street application, cold weather application tips


Nail strips are chipping within a few days

Here are a few things to try:

~ Double up your strips

~ Apply Clear as Day or a Top Coat over – if using a liquid top coat wait at least 15 min before applying

~ When applying strips use your nail to remove the extra instead of a nail file – since it is 100% nail polish as it cures it will shrink a bit so this allows you to have extra at the tip so as it shrinks your nail is still covered.  File any excess about 30 min after application.

~ Don’t do any housework or heavy work type stuff for at least 30 min

~ When you do file, use a glass nail file.  This can help prevent peeling and chipping

~ Use a nail strengthener, it might be that it is not the polish that is chipping but your actual nail might be peeling.  Healthy nails are always important.

~ If you are hard on your nails it could be normal wear, so just file or clip your nails back down to the polish and …. BAM! and you look like you have a brand new manicure

~ If using one of our chunky glitter sets you will want to actually use nail clippers to trim the excess off.  If you fold over or file you could have an edge from the chunky glitter and if it catches on something then it will chip the nail polish.

~ Apply right before bed so it makes sure to cure completely


You  might enjoy this article on Why Glass Nail Files are Better


Strips don’t seem to fit my nail

~ If your nails are too wide try turning the strip sideways … obviously this works better with the solids and glitters

~ If you find your nails are a little to small then put them on with one side fully on your nail like normal and have the extra on your finger.  Then you can use a nail or something to perforate and remove the extra.

Miscellaneous Tips

~ As my strip grows out it is catching in my hair: when you applied you might have applied it over your cuticle.  You can try to use a little polish remover on a Q-tip to flatten that area out a bit

~ I made a mistake with my application: try putting a transparent glitter or one of our clear overlays over your mistake and hide it that way.


I hope this help you troubleshoot any potential issues you might be having, thank you for hanging out in the Treehouse.





apply color street, color street application


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