Give the gift of an Experience

Instead of just giving a gift for a birthday or holiday’s or fill a basket with candy, give an experience.  Use what your child is interested in and give them some books to encourage their interest and then give them an experience to go with it.  I want to share a few examples of some Read More

Sick Toddler

Finding out you have a sick toddler is hard.  We got lucky when Ashlyn was a baby, she never got sick.  When she started cutting teeth we would have an occasional rough night or two but never really sick.  In the last year she finally actually got sick 🙁 This was rough on all of us. Read More

Tips for Flying with a Toddler

Flying with a toddler can be a little daunting at first.  By planning and being prepared it really is not as bad as it seems.  We have flown with munchkin two times so far.  The first time was when she was about 6 mo. old, let me tell you I was nervous.  I was afraid Read More

Finding Activities for Small Spaces

Finding activities to do with a toddler when you live in a small home takes creativity.  We live in a 2-bedroom condo on the 3rd floor.  We have a small balcony but no yard to put toys.  I keep finding neat activity toys that Ashlyn would love, but we don’t have the room.  I have Read More

Toddler Fun the Ups and Downs

Toddler fun is the name of the game these days, or we try for it to be.  I still remember taking munchkin to the park for the first time.  She was a bit hesitant until she went down her first slide … then she could not get up the equipment fast enough … lol Toddlers are Read More

Learning to Live with a Toddler

Life with a toddler is nothing like life with a newborn.  You spend more time wondering if your child is hitting all their milestones.  You start comparing your child’s development to kids the same age.  Get concerned they are not doing things fast enough, should you be getting help, are they eating enough. With Ashlyn Read More