Best Friend’s Experience with a Foot Care Product

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I know funny title but I was talking to my best friend and she was telling me about this foot product she was trying and I just wanted to share.  So she gets those FabFitFun boxes a few times a year and on one of her last orders she added on Baby Foot Original Baby Foot Peel, Lavender Scented to try.  Not sure if you have ever seen or heard about this product but I have to say it is a bit weird.  Basically you use the product and then in a couple of weeks you have soft feet.   She was telling me about her experience and I thought I would share my best friend’s experience (yes I warned her I was doing this).

Best Friend’s box

So FabFitFun is one of those subscription things where a few times a year they send you new products to try depending on the season.  They also send things like jewelry.  So you can customize a couple products you get or if you pay a higher price you can customize a few more.  Also they allow you to buy previously featured products at a discount and will ship in your box for free.  Well that was what she did; she wanted to try the foot peel.  So she said it uses fruit acid to do the work.  Basically you put the booties on for an hour; you can wear socks over the booties so you can walk around (because what mom has an hour to just sit around, I know I don’t).  Then over the next couple of weeks your skin peels off to leave soft feet.

Best friend's foot peel

It wasn’t working, why?

She said she started wondering why it was not working after a week, so she re-read the instructions.  Oops she had been forgetting to soak her feet for 10 min a day.  She is also a mom of a toddler so mom brain was engaged at this point.  So she promptly soaked her feet for 10 min … as she said she started shedding like a snake.  LOL … Now she is doing her daily soaks and groaning because she has to wear socks for the next couple of weeks.

She is not a fan of socks, but she does not want to leave a trail all over the house.  Especially would not want her toddler to find a piece and do what toddlers do and put it in his mouth.  However she is saying that when she soaks her feet more and more skin is coming off so it seems to be working on that end of things.  It does not hurt and it is making her feet a bit softer.  We will see in another week or so how it ends up.

2 Week Results

So she finished her 2 weeks and was impressed with the results.  She said she did still have a couple calluses left on her feet but she was not surprised.  Now she is pretty sure if she was to do another round they would be gone.  Her feet really were a lot smoother.  The few patches that weren’t were some long standing spots.  Since she forgot a step in the beginning she is ok with it.  She will give me another update in a couple weeks to let me know how her feet feel then.   I will post an update then 🙂

2 Weeks Later

So I checked in with her and she said her feet are still soft.  There are still a few calluses from neglecting her feet all winter.  She believes if she did one more treatment it would be 100%.  She really liked the product and is planning on doing that last treatment to make it 100%.

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